The Grape and Grain Tour

For those who love both wine and beer, this two day customizable tour will take you inside both worlds.

Grape & Grain Two-Day Tour


Choose either Napa or Sonoma for your wine tour. The day will be created for you based on your preferences in wine. Focusing on small boutique producers, you’ll learn about the history of the area, grape growing as well as wine production, while you taste your way through the day. In this tour (5-7 hours) we’ll get to three or four wineries, with a picnic at a winery, weather permitting.


Sonoma county, is a hotbed of Micro Brewing and we’ll spend the day “sipping” our way through some of Sonoma’s world-class offerings. From well knowns like Lagunitas and Bear Republic to up and comers like Fog Belt, to the iconic Russian River Brewing Company, we’ll visit three breweries, with lunch at one of them. Tour length, five to seven hours.

The Microbrew Tour

Predating any winemaking in America, beer was our go to celebration beverage. Every man, woman and child heading to Plymouth Rock was allocated 2 liters of ale per day, for the crossing.(couldn’t trust the water)

Thus began America’s proud brewing tradition. Over time local breweries were regionalized and finally nationalized and the ubiquitous “American lager” was born.

Thankfully, we find ourselves in the midst of a revolution. Artisan brewers across the country, over the last few decades have begun producing brews of tremendous diversity and distinction.

It’s fair to say the west coast has led this revolution with it’s access to an abundance of world class, Cascade hops.

In this suds focused tour, we’ll visit 3 or 4 Sonoma based micro-breweries with lunch at one of them. We’ll talk brewing, sometimes with the brewers and sample through their offerings.

This tour is the perfect compliment to any visit to wine county!!