The Collector's Tour

Exclusive Collector’s Tour

We’ve all tasted and toured at the popular larger wineries, who’s wine we can get back home. When we first come to wine country we want to visit wineries we’re familiar with. However, as our relationship to wine deepens and curiosity awakens,  we begin to wonder what else is out there; what unknown treasures are to be found tucked into the rolling vineyards of the Russian River Valley, or Spring Mountain’s forested ridge-line.

The combination of Napa/Sonoma’s sublime beauty, bucolic weather and diverse terrior, have long been a magnate, drawing to it intelligent, artistic, accomplished persons, who want to try their hand at winemaking.

On this tour, you’ll break bread with these folks (sit down lunch), share their passion for wine and hear their back-stories, so that back home, when you reach for a bottle, those intimate memories, of time spent with them come flooding back.

For the tasting experience of a lifetime, consider the Collectors Tour, your cellar and friends,  will be glad you did.

Note: Guests will be expected to purchase a minimum of one case per winery.

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